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eScrip Program

What is the eScrip program?

eScrip, Inc. is a California-based company that has set up a program ("eScrip") to help schools and other non-profit organizations earn thousands of dollars for much needed programs and activities, by offering their supporters the opportunity to earn large sums of money with a minimal amount of effort.

How does the eScrip program work?

Hundreds of merchants of all types have signed up with eScrip to donate a portion of their revenues to organizations such as Cheyenne Mountain District 12 Schools, that have registered as a group member of the eScrip program.

eScrip monitors purchases made by supporters of each such group from these merchants using credit/debit cards or loyalty cards that have been recorded with eScrip.

Each merchant decides what percentage or fixed dollar amount it is willing to donate for each transaction and that is then paid to eScrip once each purchase is made.

On a monthly basis, eScrip pays the accumulated sums from all participating merchants to each group member, less 15% for its share of the proceeds, and also informs each supporter of that organization how much he or she has contributed individually through purchases from eScrip merchants.

What types of merchants are part of the eScrip Program?

Most eScrip merchants are signed up in respect of their online business and are part of the eScrip Online Shopping Mall. In other words, the program is primarily geared towards contributions from virtual businesses rather than bricks-and-mortar stores. That being said, there are increasing numbers of physical locations, such as grocery stores in California and other western locations, as well as Macy's, that also contribute through eScrip, both online and in-store. We are hoping that we can persuade Safeway, for example, to extend the program into its Colorado stores, as well as add other popular local merchants.

Important exceptions to the virtual business concept are many Colorado Springs restaurants that have signed on with the program, thereby allowing D12 residents to eat, drink, be merry and help our schools all at the same time! The list is growing steadily, but examples in our neighborhood currently include Jose Muldoon's, Joseph's Fine Dining, Mackenzie's Chop House, Mama Trino's Pizzeria, McCabe's Tavern, Meadow Muffins, Nosh, Oscar's Oyster Bar, Paninos Restaurant, Paravicini's, Sunbird, Thunder & Buttons II and Western Omelette.

How would D12 schools benefit from eScrip?

Until recently, there were ten individual CMSD school accounts registered with eScrip, of which only four were active. None of those four was used enough to raise any meaningful funds for any one school, so in a recent development, a new consolidated account in the name of Cheyenne Mountain District 12 Schools was established as a collaboration between the School District and the Tradition of Excellence Foundation. In exchange for this new District-wide focus, all of the prior accounts were cancelled and all supporters of the individual accounts were transferred across to the new D12 Schools account.

Every purchase made from eScrip merchants, using credit/debit cards registered with eScrip by supporters of the Cheyenne Mountain District 12 Schools account, will raise funds for academic, artistic and athletic programs that are identified on an ongoing basis by the District Superintendent and the Board of the Tradition of Excellence Foundation as meriting their support.

Why should you register with eScrip?

As a resident of the Cheyenne Mountain area, you will be aware of both the high quality of our schools and the budgetary pressures that could threaten the degree of excellence that we have come to value. In the near future, it is more than likely that our public schools will need increased community support, if we are to maintain the very high standard of education from which our students have benefited historically; for this reason, fundraising initiatives will in all probability become a way of life in District 12.

What makes eScrip such an attractive proposition, is that it creates an ongoing revenue stream for our schools, without requiring any significant effort or any additional out-of-pocket expense on the part of their supporters.

How do you register with eScrip?

Go to www.escrip.com and click on 'sign up'



Under Group Name, type in Cheyenne Mountain District 12 Schools.



Proceed to complete the next steps at each prompt.


Once you are registered, you will start helping our schools with everyday purchases made from an eScrip merchant - thank you!