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General Information

Community Liaisons / Social Workers

Mary Alex Dill, Katie Koldenhoven and Elizabeth Armstrong serve as the District 12 Community Liaisons and Social Workers. Their primary role is to connect students and families to community-based services to support a myriad of needs including housing, mental health counseling, medical, food insecurities, transportation, etc. Families needing assistance are encouraged to contact them directly.

Secondary Students

Mary Alex Dill                               719-306-8437

Contact Mary Alex Dill  Mary Alex Dill Social Worker

Primary Students

Elizabeth Armstrong                  719-237-9199
Katie Koldenhoven                     719-238-5733

Contact Elizabeth Armstrong  Elizabeth Armstrong Social Worker
Contact Katie Koldenhoven  Katie Koldenhoven Social Worker

(E-mail can be sent to a staff member by clicking the small envelope next to their name.)