English Language Development Program

In Cheyenne Mountain School District, all students are first considered general education students rather than being classified by their learning needs. With that in mind, the responsibility to provide a high quality education to ELs falls equally upon the general education teacher(s) and the ELD teacher.

Learning plans are developed for each identified EL student. The ELD teacher monitors this plan in coordination with the general education teacher(s), parents and administrators.

  • Elementary

    Elementary ELD services are generally delivered using pull-out ELD classes. Students leave the general education classroom for a short period of time to receive instruction that addresses their specific needs in the areas of oral language (speaking and listening) and literacy (reading and writing).
  • Secondary

    In general, EL students in grades 7-12 are in English Language Development classes as part of their course schedule. In their content classes, they receive scaffolded instruction to help them access the general education curriculum. Secondary EL students also receive support during study hall periods.


Recognizing that EL students have the same needs that occur in the general native English speaking population, CMSD 12 provides additional support to ELs when warranted. In addition to an English Learner Plan, the student may also be have one of the following types of plans:

  • Multi-Tiered Systems of Support (MTSS): MTSS is a process that ensures that  academic, social or mental health needs of all students are considered and addressed. Students with needs that are not met through the general education program are given extra support and monitored to ensure progress toward identified targets.  Students may be referred to any of the below plans as well.  
  •  Individualized Education Plan (IEP): Students with disabilities that are eligible for an IEP receive specialized instruction and accommodations based on educational needs.  Each student has a case manager or a special education provider that works in tandem with the classroom teacher to ensure eligible students have access to the general education curriculum along with special education support.
  •  Section 504 Plan: Students who have an impairment that substantially impacts a major life activity such as learning, concentrating, reading, breathing, walking etc may qualify for a Section 504 Plan.  Impairments include but are not limited to health, learning, or physical conditions.  Section 504 Plans identify the impairment and what accommodations or services are necessary to access the general education curriculum.  Generally, school counselors monitor and update the plan annually.
  • Advanced Learning Plan (ALP): Often referred to as gifted and talented, children whose abilities, talents and potential for accomplishment are so exceptional or developmentally advanced that they require special provisions to meet their educational programming needs receive services based on their exceptionalities. Advanced Learning Plans are developed for students who qualify for such services.  This could include a student identified as “twice exceptional”.
  •  READ Act for English Learners: The READ Act gives guidance in providing quality and effective instruction to all students.  All students are assessed to determine their reading proficiency. If it is determined that students are not meeting the reading proficiency level, they have a READ Plan which outlines reading instruction to help them reach proficiency.   English learners are also assessed. If they are not reading at the determined proficiency level, they will have a READ plan as well. This plan outlines the different tiers of support, including English language instruction.  The READ Plan may include goals for English language development and reading intervention instruction.  Progress monitoring data will be used to show growth in both English language development and English literacy development.    For more information on the Colorado READ Act, please visit the Colorado Department of Education website.  

ELD Program Review

Cheyenne Mountain's ELD Program will be reviewed annually using tools provided by the Office of English Language Acquisition. To view tools and resources for evaluating the effectiveness of a district’s ELD Program, visit US Department of Education English Learner Tool Kit, Chapter 9: Tools and Resources for Evaluating the Effectiveness of a District's EL Program.



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